File submission
Files totaling 20MB or less may be emailed directly to your contact or our pre-press department:

For larger file sizes, please upload to our FTP site via browser
or FTP client: FileZilla (PC)Fetch (Mac)

Username: pg%0187d98
Password: Pg6543210

Note - User and pass are Case-sensitive.

Please advise via email or phone that files have been uploaded.
If possible, include a PDF or faxed lasers for reference.

Any questions, just call, our job is to make your job smooth and easy!

Everyone knows the best way to achieve perfect results is through proper preparation, and here at Progressive Graphics we are no exception. Our staff takes the time to make sure everything we do is the highest quality available anywhere. The professionals here have years of experience in preparing all types of documents and files for fast, economical print production that is as distinctive as it is personalized.

Progressive Graphics has won numerous awards for printed products in statewide competition; this is a direct result of our attention to every detail in all our work from start to finish. We know the best way to satisfy our customers, is to present their customers with attractive, eye pleasing, professionally prepared materials that deliver the intended message.