This page contains links to useful sites, time savers and free stuff!

Prepress Guidelines
A PDF file of our booklet on file preparation.

Free all-platform FTP client.

PMS Swatches
Sample approximate color swatches of most PMS inks.

Graphic Traphic
Our published newsletter for clients.


  • Issue 1 : Physics of Color, Proofreading, Linked Text Issues, Crossovers Require Planning, Don't Trust Your Monitor, Dot Gain on Press, Stylize Fonts Correctly
  • Issue 2 : Desktop Scanning Tips, Custom BRC/Envelopes, Newsletter Publishing, Use Acrobat Distiller for Making PDFs, How to Check a Blueline
  • Issue 3 : Digital Cameras, Making Photos for Print Look Better, Duotones
  • Issue 4 : Four Categories of Paper, Paper Weight and Sizes, Opacity Affects Readability, Reduce Cracking on Folds, Photographic Prints from Video, The Tax Exempt Certificate
  • Issue 5 : Pencil Receptive Aqueous Coating, Work and Turn, Using Metallic Inks, Helpful Computer Tips